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Sourced fund projects in the care sector through our peer to peer platform, meaning you can have an active part in changing peoples lives whilst receiving a return on your investment.

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Ethical Investing

Unlike the banks, you know exactly how your money is being used; you can select and lend money directly to a variety of UK property projects that are improving the lives of those less fortunate.

We don’t charge our investors any fees, as a way of supporting these great causes, our aim is to provide a high standard of living to vulnerable people.

Here is how you can help and generate a return through our Sourced Capital platform:

  • Register and set up your account on
  • Choose which projects you want to invest in
  • Deposit cash in your wallet
  • Once funded you’ll receive repayments according to the loan agreement
  • Reinvest in projects, or withdraw your money
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Why Invest?

As well as competitive returns here are a few reasons why investing with Sourced Capital is different than other platforms…

The Management Team
have transacted over

£50 million

in property

We provide attractive projects with competitive interest rates

Sourced are the largest property investment company in the UK with over 130 offices

Planning permission is already in place before lending on projects

The borrowers are a part of the Sourced Franchise Network, meaning they have gone through rigorous training and have ongoing support from Sourced HQ

The Directors have hands-on experience, meaning projects are assessed with deep, specialist property experience

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